• Connor Esau

It's about you

Your wedding is about you. So that is why I make sure my videos convey that. I don't just make videos that look pretty, I make videos that are about you, and your story. I always make sure that I sit down with my clients beforehand, so that I can get to know them. I want to know who you are as a couple, so that I can make your video specific to you.

Some of the questions I often ask my clients are:

- "How did you meet?"

- "What is your favourite memory with each other?"

- "What do you love about each other?"

I want to know what kind of video will make you the most happy, and make you remember your day the best. I always put a recording of the vows in my videos as well, so that I can capture your story in them. What is more personal than your own personal vows to one another? Your vows are special, and so will be your video.