I love the comfort of home



I love the outdoors, and I love traveling. I grew up doing back country trips, canoeing trips, and much more. 


The places I have traveled include Hong Kong (I lived there for 2 years), India, the U.K., Ireland, 10 different states, and more.

I took this photo in Jasper with some of my best friends. We drove from Calgary to Jasper to Edmonton and back to Calgary all in one day.

While on the trip, we took this boy band photo, because why wouldn't you?


I hope to never stop learning.

I have a diploma in Software Development from SAIT. I value education in all fields so much. I am always trying to advance my skills by learning more every day, whether that is my videography skills, client relation skills, programming skills, or anything else.


These are my siblings.

It is super important to me that I have community and support from others, and my siblings are always my biggest support.

Integrity is important to me.


As a business owner and a videographer, I always strive to maintain integrity in all aspects of my work.